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Agriculture is the back bone of India where 80% of the land area is used for agriculture with varied agro ecological diversity having predominance of rainfed agriculture. Over the next 30 to 40 years food demand could double in developing countries. See More..   



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AGCASS the forum of Agricultural Graduates is spreading its roots and it is right time to more forward and to step into the next level. 21 years of valuable contributory should be moulded to the elevated activities of the society. The efforts of senior technocrats is much more than appreciation

With regards & Wishes

Thiru. S. Viswanathan, B.Sc (Ag).,

Joint Director of Agriculture, Erode

AGCASS is an effective organisation for the Agriculture by the Agricultural Graduates in Erode successfully existing for the last 21 years, has to spread their wings throughout the stable for delivering Agriculture in our State.

Thiru. J. Vanangamudi, B.Sc (Ag).,


Canara Bank Officers Association

AGCASS is a VOLUNTARY ORGANISATION based on Democratic and Technical principles with equality and opportunity to an members intended to give maximum benefit to the sons of the soil viz. "FARMERS to have and live a sustained and pleasurable life for ever" 

Thiru. N.Sivanesan,



Strongly built by a selfless team of Agricultural Technocrats, AGCASS now has grown as a centre of excellence in providing needed services to the stakeholders of agriculture. One can observe the fact that the activities of AGCASS are multifarious right from organising farmers for good causes upto achieving overall empowerment of the farm families as a whole through a set of systematic technological and management packages. I am sure that AGCASS would soon emerge trends setter in the field of socio-economic transformation of teeming millions of farming community.

With Best wishes 

Prof. Dr. R.Udayakumar, M.Sc (Ag)., Ph.D.,

Formerly Core Faculty

TamilNadu Irrigation Management Training Institute,

Water Resources Department, PWD.